How you get 100 washes from a laundry detergent and fabric conditioner

Are you putting the correct dose of washing powder into your washing machine? Does washing powder start to coagulate in the dispensing draw of your washing machine? Could the solution be a liquid laundry detergent that dispenses in the exact doses and gives you 100 washes for just £10.99. That is £0.11 per wash. Added to that a bottle of fabric conditioner which also dispenses an exact amount and retails at £8.99 per bottle or £0.09 per wash. At 20p you get a fresh smelling basket of clean laundry that is as kind to your whites as to dark colours.

Laundry detergent from Mrs Gleam is eco-friendly.

Mrs Gleam’s laundry detergent and fabric conditioner come in a special dosing bottle to guarantee the exact amount is dispensed per wash to get exactly 100 washes from a 1 litre bottle.


Features of bottle that dispenses laundry detergent and conditioner

  • automatically levels the liquid in the dosing chamber to the correct measured amount
  • user friendly, works from every position (no orientation needed)
  • overdosing or over-pouring is impossible
  • no more ‘old-fashioned’ squeezing; required volume is dosed automatically independent from the user

Laundry detergent being dispensed from a unique dosing bottle.

Mrs. Gleam helps rid your clothes of bacteria and achieve a fresh smell by using a powerful formula that contains no bleach or peroxide. This easy to use ergonomically designed bottle accurately measures the exact amount of laundry detergent needed to leave your clothes clean and fresh.  The detergent is kind on whites and is anti-bacterial on clothes and in your washing machine, even at low temperatures. Mrs Gleam’s ultra concentrate fabric conditioner leaves a fresh scent of summer flowers to your laundry.

Visit Mrs Gleam’s website to order your bottle of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

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