About Mrs Gleam’s products

Frustrated by ineffective sprays and harsh, chemical-filled products on the market, Mrs Gleam dreamed of finding new alternative products to keep her home clean.

Armed with a wish list, Mrs Gleam approached GreanBase Ltd (of Dragons Den fame), who agreed to finance, develop and produce the range of cleaning products we have today.

What were Mrs Gleam’s product expectations?

    • They needed to be non caustic, safe around the family, safe on skin, safe on all surfaces, easy to use and eco-friendly
    • Mrs Gleam launches her eco-friendly cleaning rangeMost importantly they had to make her home sparkle!
    • Months of research and testing to the creation of a range of cleaning products suitable for use in every room around the home.

Today, all of the house cleaning products in the range, which are packaged with a 1950s retro-style label, are environmentally-friendly, bleach-free and non-caustic.

How the Mrs Gleam range of cleaning products came to market

The Thorpe St Andrew mum of four self-funded the line with business partner Joe Smith, teamed up with Greanbase. The first products were ready to be stocked on shop shelves in April 2014. A year later, the projected turnover was £500,000, with expected profits at 20%.

Mrs Gleam house cleaning and pet care range of products are sold online and are stocked on the shelves at TK Maxx shops, Bakers and Larners department store in Holt, Dunelm and Lakeland.

QVC has launched the products to a wider audience – “We have six minutes on air for one product,” she said. “But we completely exceeded our expectations. It is all done live. There is no trickery involved. Viewers can see me get a red wine stain out of a carpet in 30 seconds.”

A Little Darlings range has since also been launched, which includes a car seat and buggy cleaner, potty spray and high chair cleaner.

Mrs Gleam – just another one of the GreanBase ranges!

The Mrs Gleam trademark and logo are the sole property of GreanBase Ltd.

Mrs Gleam, Helen Kirkman nominated for The Daily Mail Mumpreneur awards

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