Spring cleaning: helpful tips and house cleaning products that get the job done

The dull days of winter are great at ‘hiding’ the imperfections of a busy home. But, come spring the brightness of the suns rays seems to find a way of reflecting off every spec of dust, dirt and greasy finger print. I find myself closing doors to each room, hiding away the  reminders of the dusting and wiping that needs doing. As much as I love a clean, tidy and well organised home the idea of the big ‘Spring Clean’ fills me with dread. House cleaning is a necessity but spending all day at it is not practical, particularly for families with young children including of the fury kind. If each member of the household has daily responsibilities and are held accountable to fulfilling them, it will help to stay on top of house cleaning.  The most effective house cleaning products also helps to cut down time spent bringing sparkle to the home.

Working everyday of the week means that time available to house clean is minimal. I have therefore learnt to do regular, thorough cleaning rather than an ‘all-in-one day’ effort. De-cluttering the home and multi-tasking have helped. So too has the ‘put away after use’ culture I have endeavoured to create. A few statement ornaments on shelves and windowsills rather than a number of small decorative items makes dusting a breeze – I used to be great at collecting knick-knacks on my travels and put them on display, but they have all gone to the charity shop!

My mother was the envy of many with her ability to multi-task a behavioural trait I have tried to mimic. It was her ability to clean as she went about her busy daily schedule that helped her stay on top of the housework. Here are a few tips:

  • Waiting for the kettle to boil – use the time to wipe down kitchen surfaces or hob, clean greasy finger prints from cupboard doors, empty dishwasher and pack away items on the draining board.
  • Taking a bath? – keep a floor cloth in the bathroom to wipe the bath clean after use and as the water drains out.
  • Moisturise your body after a shower? – while you wait for the moisturiser to be absorbed into your skin, wipe the water droplets off the glass and tiles of your shower cubicle. By doing this your cubicle is less likely to get soap-scum and mould build-up.
  • What do you do when the adverts come on during your favourite TV show? – my magic magnetic duster comes out and I dust away all lounge and dining-room surfaces (including the multitude of spider webs that seem to gather in no timHouse cleaning and vacuuming the carpetse at all).
  • Dinner cooking on the hob or in the oven? – if the food doesn’t require regular stirring and constant attention, I use the ‘waiting time’ to sweep the kitchen and utility floor (with a pet dog it is a never ending job!).
  • Ironing – if the pile isn’t too high, it can be quite relaxing either done while listening to music, an audio book or the TV.
  • Pets? – we hose our border collie down after his walk and use super absorbing pet towels to dry him off thoroughly before he enters the great indoors! This has greatly reduced the amount of dust and dirt in the house. We also give him a regular brush down to minimise the volume of hair that falls to the floor.

Vacuuming the carpets usually has it’s set time but the more often it is done, the cleaner the house seems to feel.

House cleaning products that are a must have

My favourite cleaning products include the Mrs Gleam’s range which are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and very effective at getting the job done.

  • Kitchen cleaner and degreaser – fill a plastic bowl with hot water to rinse your cloth after each wipe. Mrs Gleam’s kitchen cleaner is so effective at getting rid of grease, oil or fat-based spills. The degreaser cuts through Hob grime with ease to leave your hob and kitchen surfaces gleaming. Safe to use on most kitchen surfaces including enamel, chrome, stainless steel, aluminium, ceramic, granite and marble. Mrs Gleam’s Degreaser gets to work quickly and lifts grease fast. Armed with a wet cloth and kitchen degrease a spray and wipe of cupboard doors, handles, fridge door, hob, appliances and draining board will leave your kitchen looking great without the pungent small of caustic house cleaning products.


  • Laundry detergent – why would this make a difference to your cleaning chores? Laundry detergent in powder form has the potential of leaving residue on clothing. This can happen when washing on a cold cycle or adding too much to the washing machine drawer. As the laundry dries the residue falls off the laundry on to the floor or carpet (unless you run your laundry through an extra rinse cycle!). More dirt to vacuum or sweep up! The bleach found in many powder detergents has the potential to cause the colours of clothing to fade with every wash. A liquid laundry detergent is effective on cold or hot cycles and doesn’t clog-up the machine drawer. Mrs Gleam’s liquid laundry detergent comes in a bottle which allows for accurate dosing. Unlike some liquids that rely on a dosing cap. These can lead to overdosing because he measurement lines are rarely marked clearly.


  • Laundry spot and stain remover – a spray and a light rub to work it into the stain is all that is needed to get fresh stains out of fabrics. Mrs Gleam’s laundry stain remover has been tested on a variety of stubborn stains such as cooking oil, make-up and mud. It is bleach and peroxide free. Highly effective at removing stains from almost all clothes and fabrics whilst protecting colours. Our daughter is a lover of fake tan and have had the put Mrs Gleams stain remover to the test a few times. This morning it was fake tan on the white bath mat. A spray and rub removed the mark fully – thrilled!


  • Oven cleaner – also ideal for getting burnt on food and oil from roasting pans.

A house free of clutter and objects that no longer have a real purpose in your life helps speed up the cleaning process. The fewer the objects that need lifting to clean or dust, the faster the cleaning. Keeping to the ‘no shoes in the house’ policy stops mud and dirt getting past the door.

7 Useful tips to a clean, hygienic and well organised fridge

Behind every closed door….There are a number of quotes related to doors describing the need to leave the past behind and look forwards to new beginnings. They all figuratively relate to our personal situations in life. There is however, another type of door that is literally a dynamic representation of  our lifestyle, job, standard of living and loved ones – and that is a fridge door. A refrigerator door is a display of reminders, artwork, photographs and other items documenting the lifestyle of homeowner and occupants. They are often secured in place with magnets purchased on travels to various places – telling more stories of ones lifestyle.

While summing-up so much about a person or family by looking at their refrigerator door, it is only those nearest and dearest who dare open the door to scan the contents. What is found inside also speaks volumes. For those with busy lifestyles keeping up with household chores including the fridge can be a challenge. To help keep your cold storage appliance tidy and prevent food cross-contamination, we have 7 useful tips – especially for those with hungry teenagers!

Fridges should be set to a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or cooler. Opening the fridge door for lengthy periods will let warm air in. Same applies to storing left over cooked foods – make sure they have cooled down fully before storing in the fridge. This is to avoid food safety being compromised if the right temperature isn’t maintained.

Fridge and it's contents which say a lot about you

How to keep your fridge clean and tidy!

  1. Dedicated snack shelve – particularly helpful when there is a constant flow of hungry visitors to the fridge daily. Knowing where to look reduces the amount of time the fridge door is left open letting-in warm air!
  2. Plastic place mats to line fridge and freezer shelves – cut to the size of your fridge shelves. Lining your fridge and freezer with these re-sized mats will help make cleaning much easier. Simply remove the mat, wipe clean and return to the fridge. It beats having to remove the shelf to clean or stand there with the door open wiping and cleaning. Spray a kitchen cleaner onto the mats to degrease, remove germs and cleanse for an odour free, clean fridge.
  3. Lazy Susan – useful for storing condiments, cheeses and jams in both fridge grocery cupboard. Just swirl away until you see the item you need. Saves scratching around and moving foods around. Or, invest in a few plastic baskets and label each. Remove the basket from the fridge, rummage through it to find what you are looking for before returning it to the fridge.
  4. Glass containers with vacuum sealed lids – ideal for storing left over food. Label containers with the date and  consume stored food within four days. Easy to stack on top of each other and seal in smells to prevent odour contamination.
  5.  Store only perishables – resist the temptation of packing the fridge with drinks and food items. They aren’t intended as store rooms! Air needs to circulate around food to keep it cool and to maintain the correct temperature.
  6. Create a plan of what goes where – an organised will help you to access the contents more efficiently, reducing the amount of time the door stays open.
  7. Wipe bottles before putting them in the fridge.

A tidy fridge is an efficient one

Taking stock of what is inside your fridge before doing a grocery shop will also help to keep it organised. Cluttering a fridge often results in foods being pushed to the back and going past their expiry date. A clean fridge may seem another chore that needs doing but being organised and giving it a quick spray and wipe with a kitchen cleaner before restocking will remove a lot of hassle. My aim is to go clutter free even in the fridge – you will be amazed at how quickly house-cleaning gets done!

Tomatoes, apples, pears, melons, avocado pears, onions and bakery foods shouldn’t be refrigerated.

Do this for a clean bathroom without the use of bleach

For a clean bathroom, bleach is a common house cleaning product and known for it’s power to disinfect and keep whites whiter. Many toilet cleaners and stain removers contain bleach. Used frequently in the home and it’s corrosive properties are capable or irritating the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Research has shown that the fumes bleach emits into the air can be the cause of allergies or exacerbate existing symptoms .

Bleach doesn’t contain any surfactants therefore won’t lift and remove dirt and grime from surfaces. It merely works as a disinfectant when wiped over a clean surface. Bleach, when regularly used on porous surfaces will eventually lead to it losing it’s shine and may even lead to it having a slightly rough feel. I speak from experience as I was once a daily user of bleach diluted with water and used to mop our laminate flooring.  They have lost their lustre which is clearly evident when furniture is moved to display areas where flooring was less frequently exposed to the rigorous cleaning ritual.

Fortunately though, there are alternative products on the market for a clean bathroom which avoid the use of bleach and are kinder to our health and to the environment. Mrs Gleam’s 4 in 1 bathroom cleaner is just the product you need to clean and disinfect all surfaces without any danger to your health – you don’t even need to wear rubber gloves! Mrs Gleam’s bathroom cleaner offers powerful, safe cleaning killing 99.999% of germs. The bathroom cleaner descales, sanitises and deodorises in one spray, whilst a ”soil-guard” ingredient  resists watermarks and scum after use. The parma-violet fragranced foam will cling onto any surface. It is suitable for application to ceramics, painted surfaces, stainless steel, laminated and non porous surfaces. You can even spray on mirrors for a sparkling streak-free finish. It contains surfactants which lifts dirt and grime. Mrs Gleam’s bathroom cleaner is phosphate free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

So you can bring sparkle to your bathroom without the need for bleach! Infographic for Mrs Gleams bathroom cleaner for bleach-free clean bathroom

How to keep your bathroom looking clean and hygienic

House cleaning can bring with it many trials and tribulations particularly for those who work and don’t have the luxury of a cleaning service. We are one such household but have found ways of dealing with chores with less stress freeing-up more time to do the things we love. The greatest step to a clean home has been minimising clutter and putting things away after use. This applies to bathrooms too. Dumping clothes next to the laundry basket and not hanging up wet towels can leave a bathroom looking grubby.This has taken a conscious effort to get right – especially on those days when feeling tired and rushed.

In this article we share a few steps to a clean bathroom with minimal effort. Bathrooms are generally the most used rooms in the house and the least favourite to clean. Investing in the right cleaning products will also help keep your bathroom sparkling.

Remove limescale using an all purpose descaler

Reduce limescale build-up around taps, shower head and your shower cubicle by wiping down the tiles and glass immediately after use. This takes no more than a minute to do. It reduces water marks on the glass and leaves less water to calcify and form limescale. I hard water areas there is still a high chance of limescale build-up. This can be dealt with by spraying on Mrs Gleam’s descaler. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium salts. A build-up of limescale doesn’t look very appealing.

Limescale is found in places where hot water has evaporated and solidified. The deposits are difficult to remove by scrubbing alone. Mrs Gleam’s all purpose descaler dissolves calcium carbonate within minutes after spraying the affected area. Bathroom caddy stores shampoo, conditioner, soaps and cosmetics

Keep your bathroom free of clutter

Having to lift bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap and tubes of tooth paste etc from the floor of the shower or around the hand basin makes bathroom cleaning even more labour intensive. Invest in a caddy or basket big enough to store all the products you need close to the wash basin. For the shower cubicle use a hanging caddy that can easily be hooked over the screen of the glass screen or door. Not only does this help speed up cleaning time but a neat and tidy bathroom always looks cleaner for a lot longer.

Bathroom cleaning products from Mrs Gleams

Reduce moisture build-up

Extractor fans are effective at removing steam and moisture levels in the room following a hot bath or shower. Opening a window will also circulate air flow through the room to reduce moisture levels. However, there is still a chance of mould growing on the grouting between tiles or anywhere where moisture gets trapped. Keeping the bathroom free of clutter, replacing carpets with tiled flooring and keeping a window open all help to reduce moisture build-up. The first signs of mould need to dealt with so ugly black areas don’t tarnish an otherwise clean bathroom.

Neutralise bathroom odours

When there isn’t time to clean toilets then a daily dose of a toilet cleaner just before heading off to work in the morning will neutralise odours and keep your toilets looking clean. Mrs Gleam’s toilet cleaner is specially formulated to neutralise odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria without containing harsh acids or alkali and is fully biodegradable. Without bleach or acid, Mrs Gleam’s toilet cleaner will leave your toilet fresh and clean with a long lasting apple scent.


How to dry laundry reducing condensation and use of mould remover

Reducing indoor moisture content and dealing with all traces of mould using an instant mould remover are positive steps to avoiding respiratory complications. Condensation and black mould are not just problems faced by home-owners and tenants of older homes with single glazed windows. Modern buildings have better insulation trapping in warm air, but what this means is reduced ventilation and an increase in condensation even on triple glazed windows. Not every house-hold can afford to run a tumble drier for every load of washing. So, how do you get your laundry dry while also being mindful of increasing the moisture content?

We invested in a moisture meter to track our own daily data. Taking a shower, cooking and hanging laundry out to dry indoors increased the moisture content in those rooms by as much as 30%. With no where for moisture to go, condensation forms on windows, window frames, walls, ceilings and even in the loft. A continuation of this pattern throughout the winter months can have a damaging effect to your health and to the structure of your home. So what is the answer?

One of the main causes of damp, condensation and mould in UK houses is as a result of damp laundry being hung over radiators around the home. The amount of moisture released is high, so unless rooms are well ventilated (which is not likely to be much when trying to also keep the house warm), damp levels will be on the rise – moisture levels in the home create ideal breeding conditions for mould spores .

Ventilation is key to reducing moisture content. If you have to dry your laundry indoors, either put a dehumidifier in the room where you hang your laundry, leave the extractor fan running continuously, light a fire in your fireplace to dry the air or invest in a tumble drier (not an economical way to avoid moisture build-up though!). Hanging clothes on hangers to dry and avoid the need for a mould remover

It is also advisable to avoid too much clutter in your home and move furniture away from walls to allow air to circulate as optimally as possible. The better air is able to circulate the less the risk of moisture build-up.

Tips to drying your laundry indoors

  • Switching on a dehumidifier will help to take moisture out of the air and speed up the drying time
  • Avoid drying laundry in bedrooms
  • Use a fold-away drying rack and hangers to allow air to circulate around each item to speed-up drying time
  • Wash and hang-up laundry at night so that it can dry while you sleep
  • Hang laundry in your drying cupboard. We installed drying racks in ours and hang towels and underwear in the drying cupboard to lessen the amount hanging in the kitchen – the warmest room in the house so laundry dries quickest
  • Select the fastest spin drying cycle on your washing machine to remove as much moisture as possible to speed-up drying time
  • If you use a tumble drier make sure the vent goes outdoors and is sealed properly

Getting rid of  black mould with an instant mould remover

Clean all infected areas by spraying on an instant mould remover. It is important to kill the mould before spores are released into the air and start infecting other areas of your home. Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover quickly eliminates mould, algae and mildew. Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms including walls, tiles and UPVC.

Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover does contain bleach so be careful around fabrics. Spot test on surfaces before use. Spray on to the affected area and leave to work – within 10 minutes black bathroom mould is eliminated. Wipe and rinse thoroughly.

Drying clothes indoors in an unventilated room can be a major cause of condensation and moisture build-up. This then causes damp symptoms and mould in homes, which can be bad for your health. Any opportunity you get to dry your laundry outdoors should be taken full advantage of as this really is the best possible solution.

When cooking remember to switch on the extractor fan, wipe the water off the glass frame of your shower cubicle and humans stop breathing!!

Cleaning oven racks without the hassle and toxic fumes

Cleaning oven racks is not a particularly glamorous job but if you take pride in your cooking you will get it done.  What has dirty oven racks got to do with cooking, I hear you ask? Depending how grubby an oven is, the old greasy, burnt-in oil and food particles can cross-contaminate the flavours and aromas of freshly prepared food. Have you ever gone out of the house after roasting potatoes and on return home you are greeted by a pungent smell of heated cooking oil that just hangs in the air? Well that is similar to what is going on in your oven every time you turn it on and start heating it up – you start burning off all those oil splatters, baked-on-grease, sticky grime and ashen food.

Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's

There are steps you can take to prevent liquids bubbling over and oil splatters. Covering the bottom oven tray with tin foil and putting a lid on food you know is going to bubble over, will minimise the number of times that you need to clean your oven and racks. With all things ‘a stitch-in-time-saves-9’ so the more frequently you clean your oven racks the quicker the task will take and the better the outcome.

Cleaning oven racks after a greasy roast with Mrs Gleam's oven rack cleaner helps keeps your oven sparkling

When you need to bring shine and glamour to your oven, cleaning oven racks need not involve a lot a sweat and sore hands. All you need to do is remove your oven racks, place them in a clear bag and spray on an oven cleaning product. Wait 12 hours, wipe, rinse and put the racks back into the oven. It really is that easy! For the best outcome the oven racks should be warm to the touch when you spray on the oven rack cleaner.

Cleaning oven racks with Mrs Gleam’s

Mrs Gleam’s oven rack cleaner kit is non-caustic.  The kit includes a formula, nozzle spray head and bag . Cleaning oven racks simply involves applying the solution, soaking the racks in the bag, wait 12 hours for the solution to really get to work, wipe clean (for caked on old grime you may need a little help from a pot scourer to wipe clean) and put the racks back in your oven. The clear oven rack bags means you can watch the solution get to work.

Oven cleaner clings to the glass to effectively clean oven doors

Many customers have said they detest cleaning oven racks and internal surfaces of their oven because they hate the after effects of an oven cleaned with caustic chemicals. Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner is non-caustic which means it won’t release a noxious smell, has no burning sensation to the skin and won’t tarnish kitchen work tops. I even use Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner to remove burnt on cheese or grease on cooking trays – spray on, leave for a few hours, wipe and then give them a quick wash and rinse.
 Oven rack cleaner duo set is used to clean the oven interior, oven racks in a bag, and the hob surfaces
There is no need to run a hot bubble bath to soak your racks overnight (and risk the racks scratching the enamel surface of your bath!) or put them in a black bin bag and drench them in ammonia.
Other articles on oven cleaning: This is why you need to clean your oven

Why you should use this oven cleaner on your BBQ

A hearty breakfast fry-up on the BBQ or racks of ribs and sausages cooked for a lazy Saturday evening outdoors makes for easy meals. However, cleaning the barbecue a few hours later can take the fun out of the event. Or, in our case, you put off using your barbecue for impromptu meals because the thought of scrubbing and cleaning all that greasy fat off the grills and cook box surfaces afterwards fills you with dread. An unclean barbecue stored away until it is next needed may present a very unpleasant sight of mould build-up making cleaning an even bigger challenge. An outdoor gas grill needs to be cleaned after every use to help maintain it for years to come. A charcoal grill doesn’t have to have the same level of cleanliness however I am sure you and your guests would prefer to cook off a clean grill rather then have ashen food particles from the last meal come in contact with the raw meat you are about to BBQ.Enjoying a meaty bbq - Mrs Gleam's oven cleaner is also the ideal bbq grill cleaner

There are a number of BBQ cleaners and cleaning wipes on the market. I have tried the wipes and while they did the job if you clean your grills and surfaces soon after use, they didn’t work as

Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's

well on cold, caked on grease and grime. They are also not the most environmentally friendly approach to cleaning!  Hot soapy water is a perfectly valid option too but required a few sponges and changes to the water before I got the expected clean results. Then I discovered Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner and oven rack cleaner. Spray, leave over night and wipe clean! It was honestly that simple.

How to clean your BBQ with oven cleaner

  • After using your barbecue leave it to cool down – just enough so that it won’t scold to the touch
  • Use a steel brush to scrap off ashen food particles and grease
  • Spray Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner to the cooker box.
  • Remove grill – place on a sheet of tin foil and spray on the oven cleaner or use the oven rack cleaner bags (depending on the size grill – the bags are 70cm x 50cm (27.5′ x 20′)).
  • If you use the bags be careful when placing the grill into the bag so as not to damage the bag
  • Pour the oven rack cleaner into the bag and leave over night
  • Remove and wipe clean with paper towel and a wet cloth
  • Concerned about rust during winter storage? – wipe your clean barbecue with peanut oil.

For the cooker box I sprayed on the over cleaner and left it to get to work for an hour and then wiped clean. There was no scrubbing and scraping involved. Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner is non-abrasive so there was no damage to the surfaces.

Having tried other cleaners and hot soapy water, Mrs Gleam’s has taken the misery out of cleaning our barbecue. So happy with the results and now we are using our bbq more often even during the chillier autumn months.


This is how to remove a red wine stain from your carpet

The ‘Silly Season’ is fast approaching and with the Christmas and New Year festivities there is a strong chance a glass of red wine (or port!) will be enjoyed. It only takes one very animated gesture to send a glass of red wine hurtling through the air only to land on your precious cream carpet or rug. Take a deep breath and a calm approach to tackling the spill before a carpet stain becomes a stark reminder of the dangers of red wine!

 A glass of red wine if spilt can cause a carpet stain if not dealt with this way!When dealing with carpet stains the most valuable advice is to soak-up as much of the spillage as possible and to avoid over wetting the area with a cleaning mixture. A wet carpet can cause browning water marks if it takes too long to dry. Many life hack websites suggest poring white wine, vinegar or club soda onto the spilt wine. All these products have some level of red wine carpet stain remover effect but be prepared to do a lot of dabbing with paper towels to remove the stain and dry the carpet.  Whether you choose to use kitchen cupboard products or ones designed specifically for stain removal the steps to a clean carpet are the same.

Dealing with red wine spills to prevent an ugly stain

  • Soak up as much of the wine as possible using white paper towels or a clean, dry white cloth. Start off with light blotting to remove wine that hasn’t been absorbed into the carpet. Then press harder to make sure you have soaked up as much as possible. Each time you blot use a dry cloth or paper towel. Avoid a rubbing action as this could damage the carpet pile.
  • Spray water to the area to help dilute the wine making it easier to soak up.
  • If the party is in full swing and it doesn’t feel appropriate to do a full carpet stain remover routine, then blot up as much as you can and sprinkle table salt to the affected area. The salt will absorb excess red wine. Vacuum up the salt when carpet is thoroughly dry.
  • Apply carpet stain remover. Leave to soak in and get to action. Blot with a dry, clean cloth working from the outer edges of the stain inwards to avoid spreading the stain.

There is also non-scientific evidence on using a combination of vinegar and laundry detergent as a carpet stain remover. If you have time and ingredients to make-up the mixture then this might work. However, many carpet experts suggest that the use of supermarket branded laundry detergents and dish washer liquids be avoided unless you are able to rinse it out of your carpet. Any residual amount left behind will lead to rapid re-soiling.

Red will spill can lead to a carpet stain if not removed with careFor dried-in red wine stains white wine, vinegar, baking soda and detergents are less likely to have the expected stain removal outcome.

If you haven’t had positive results with vinegar plus detergent mixers there is an alternative. If your preference is for chemical-free cleaning without the release of pollutants into your home causing skin irritations or respiratory niggles then there is a product that fits the description and works a treat! Mrs Gleam’s carpet stain remover tackles even the toughest stains. It is a powerful carpet cleaner solution and stain remover free of bleach or peroxide, safe on skin and is eco friendly. Works on fresh and dried-in stains. Simply spray on Mrs Gleam’s carpet cleaner, wait 30 seconds then blot your stains away.

Further information on the effectiveness of Mrs Gleam’s carpet and upholstery stain remover can be found in this article:

Tips on the use of sofa stain remover

This is why you need to clean your oven

Uncovered roast duck may leave greasy splatters which will need cleaning. Use an oven cleaner free of noxious smells An oven is one of the most used appliances in any home. Investing in time to keep your oven clean is a choice and not a necessity. Many common brands of oven cleaner give-off a noxious smell which can put people off regular cleaning. Caked on burnt food spillages, oil splatters and general grime won’t affect accurate cooking but it can change the aroma of food.

Ovens need regularly cleaning to avoid contamination of more delicately flavoured foods by carbon-based smoke circulating inside the oven.

But is a dirty oven a safety risk? In the majority of situations this is not likely to be the case unless there is an unreasonable amount of food build-up in the oven that gets ‘cooked’ each-time the appliance is switched on. Smoke pouring out your oven when you open is a sign that you need to role-up your selves and getting scrubbing! A smokey oven will start to fill your home with a very unpleasant smell much like that of oil being repeatedly hated for cooking purposes.

Today may ovens are self-cleaning but that does include the oven racks which will need to be removed and cleaned separately.

Oven cleaner and steps to reduce food spillages

  • Wipe spillages with a wet cloth as soon as safely and reasonably possible
  • Cover food to reduce food bubbling over
  • Line your oven trays with tinfoil or an oven liner sheet
  • Avoid using an oven cleaner that emits a noxious smell
  • For self-cleaning ovens invest in an oven rack cleaning kit that includes the oven bags into which you can place the racks and cleaning solution
  • Remember to also pay attention to your extractor fan and changing the filters

I am yet to meet someone who enjoys oven cleaning. But, if you enjoy cooking and the fine taste of good cuisine then you need to routinely clean your cooker. Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner is non-toxic, fume-free and efficiently cleans burnt on food. It is a product that

Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's

has made the job more bearable. Just spray on, leave over night and then wipe the grease and grime off your oven surfaces. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes without using harsh chemicals so there is no risk to damaging your oven surfaces.

How does Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner get the job done?

It contains an enzyme that works to dislodge the grease and fat from oven surfaces. This eco-friendly product offers safe non-toxic cleaning, fume-free, safe on skin, removes heavy grease.
This is what a few happy customers have had to say about Mrs Gleam’s oven rack cleaning kit –  I suffer with COPD and therefore anything that has a pungent odour is dangerous for me to use. Cleaning the oven has been a nightmare for me not only is the cleaning product pungent but also leaves fumes when the oven is used after the clean. No more!! I received my oven cleaning kit yesterday and have cleaned my oven overnight – no problem!! Disgusting dirty greasy oven now gleaming and no odour whatsoever. One tip do use a green washing up pad as cloths do not work as well. No pressure needed but the slight abrasiveness with no pressure needed brings everything off.” 04/06/2017
 I was doubtful about this – but have used other products in this range & loved them so thought I would try it. I heated the oven to warm sprayed all the inside then tried the shelves in the bag – I made sure they were well coated as per instructions. Left overnight and this morning wiped out the oven – perfect! Next onto the shelves – mine had baked on old stuff so needed to use some elbow grease and a scourer & got a great result!! I am happy to swap a bit of elbow grease to avoid the awful smells and dangerous chemicals of other brands – I am delighted with this product and will now repeat more frequently so can use less elbow grease – haha ” 27/02/2017
 I don’t understand the reviews with low stars. I have three ovens, and this has cleaned them all with good results. My ovens can get quiet dirty because they are used a lot. I must admit, l have left the cleaner on my ovens for a day and a half , and had to reapply, in small areas. The oven racks came up amazingly, a little effort, but the the results was well worth it. I had no over powering smells in my home, and l have not had to worry about effects on my eyes and skin. ” 23/03/2017
Why you need to clean your oven is about avoiding food becoming contaminated by carbon-based fumes from the burning of spilt food and fat splatters. It is also about avoiding your house smelling of over cooked oil and breathing in the fumes of burnt on food and grime.


Here are tips on use of a sofa stain remover

Love your sofa? If yes, then you are likely to get rather grumpy at the sight of stains, dirt and grime to the upholstery.  A sofa stain remover is a helpful product to have to hand for those little accidents. Or, you can go down the professional route to refresh the look of yourSofa stain remover for those coffee accidents sofa. The latter is a more expensive option and may not be the most convenient either. Dealing with stains as soon as they happen generally has the best outcome.

White and light coloured upholstery will always pose a challenge when it comes to avoiding stains and grimy discolouration. Before cleaning check the advice given on the label for your sofa. Some will only withstand  professional cleaning or the use of dry stain removal products only. The easiest to manage is darker coloured upholstery which can be spot cleaned with a foam or liquid agent as often as is required – good advice though, avoid saturating the fabric. One or two sprays is usually sufficient to work at dislodging the stain.

As tempting as it maybe, you should avoid the use of general household products as a sofa stain remover. These products are likely to have a high alkaline content which could bleach upholstery. Use a product specifically designed for the job.


How to apply an upholstery and sofa stain remover

  • For fresh spillages, soak up as much of the excess with a paper towel or white towel
  • Pre-test upholstery and sofa stain remover on a small inconspicuous area
  • Apply and blot away the stain. Avoid rubbing the area as this will result in the stain setting deeper into the fibres of the upholstery making it more difficult to remove
  • For dry stains it is best to vacuum first to remove dirt and dust. This step avoids further soiling over a wider area when applying the stain remover. Vacuuming also sucks up dried-in particles which can diminish the stain.

Tips to avoiding stains to your sofa

  • Eat meals at the dining-room or kitchen table and not from your lap on your sofa – accidental splatters of gravy or a cheese source could so easily land on your sofa
  • Restrict the use of nail polish and make-up application to the bathroomSofa stain remover for wine and other harsh stains
  • Keep pets off your sofa or protect with a throw before you allow them to turn it into their comfy domain
  • Invest in arm covers to protect from grubby hands or from wine, beer, coffee or tea spillages – for those who use the arm of a chair as a convenient coffee table.
  • Throws that match your decor and sofa upholstery colours can make quite a statement as well as the practical use of protecting against accidental spillages or general grime of daily use accumulating on the surface of the sofa
  • Avoid sitting on a light coloured sofa with new indigo blue denim – you will be amazed at how much of the dye can rub off!
  • Vacuum your sofa regularly to remove dust, crumbs and pet hairs. Done often enough will keep the upholstery clean and, if you need to apply sofa stain remover it won’t add to the unsightliness of the stain.

Mrs Gleam’s upholstery and sofa stain remover will deal with unsightly soiling to restore to it’s former glory without damage to fibres. Mrs Gleams stain remover is peroxide and bleach-free. With no chemicals it is safe to use and kind to your skin too. Simply spray on Mrs Gleam’s upholstery stain remover, wait 30 seconds then blot your stains away. Don’t let wine or coffee stains ruin your day!


Read reviews sent in by customers >> Mrs Gleam’s Reviews

Lorraine’s Review: Mrs Gleams Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover

“Having beige carpets has been the bane of my life since we first moved into out little flat, as you’d expect it is horrendous for marks, stains, and well just about anything showing up on it. It’s incredibly high maintenance something I hate. It’s all about quick easy cleaning for me anything more than that makes me wants to throw my rattle out the pram. There I would be down on my hands and knees with a stain removing spray/powder, sponge and a bowl of hot water in tow scrubbing the carpet to rid it of any tough stains till my hands could take no more and in the end resulting in them looking like wrinkly prunes…Ribena for example the dreaded purple drink that my belovid partner often likes to spill. There must be something easier, quicker, and more effective than this I would always say to myself. ‘This is ridiculous’ I’d say while also adding a few stronger words.” Read The Full Review Here
Lifestyle Blogger, Lisa also reviews Mrs Gleam’s carpet and upholstery stain remover. You can read the full review here 

How to neutralize dog urine

For any pet owner there will be occasions you need to neutralize dog urine or that of your cat. No matter how well house trained they are, accidents can happen. So if you own a dog or a cat here are a few tips to help you keep your home free of the pungent smell of pet urine.

Composition of dog urine

Dogs urine, which is produced by the kidneys is a byproduct of their bodies metabolism. It is made-up of 95% water and 5% water-soluble organic materials and ions. The type of diet and level of nutrition has a lot to do with the composition of urine, but generally it contains the following substances – urea, creatine, uric acid, carbohydrates, enzymes, fatty acids, hormones, sodium, potassium, magnesium and ammonia. It is the uric acid that gives off the horrid odour that is difficult to mask. Dog urinating - when it is on your carpet you need to neutralize dog urine before that pungent smells lingers

When dogs urinate on the carpet the temptation is often to reach for a bottle of carpet cleaner to spray onto the affected area and then scrub away in the hope this will neutralize dog urine while also restoring your carpet back to its former glory. This may help to remove the stain but it won’t deal with the odour (I sadly used the carpet cleaner method so I speak from good experience that this is not the cure when looking to neutralize dog urine. I sprayed on the carpet cleaner and used a scrubbing brush to try removing all traces of urine. I ended up damaging the carpet pile scrubbing the carpet cleaning detergent into the carpet. Once dry there was no stain but the smell of urine lingered – despite all that effort!!).

Removing dog urine from a carpet

Pet urine neutralizer from Mrs Gleam'sTo remove the pungent smell you will need to first blot out as much of the urine from your carpet as possible using a wad of paper towel. Then spray on a product that contains an enzyme digester.

The longer dog or cat urine is left on a carpet, the worse the problem becomes – as it seeps through the carpet into the underlay and flooring beneath. If you are out of the house at the time of the offence you will soon be alerted to the accident when hit by the smell on your return. While it might be too late to blot up all traces of urine, a pet urine neutralizer sprayed on to the carpet will remove the smell.

Use carpet stain remover if your carpet looks stained – but only do this after applying a pet urine neutralizer and once the area has dried through thoroughly. 

Avoid using a steam cleaner to remove urine from your carpet. The heat will bond the protein in urine to any man-made fibres permanently locking in the smell. Follow the above steps to neutralize dog urine first and then use the steam cleaner to remove stains.

What about using bleach to clean and neutralize urine smells? Bleach is a great disinfectant but it doesn’t neutralize urine odours. It is also highly toxic to humans and pets when you breathe in the fumes. There is also the option of making-up your own home remedy by combining vinegar, peroxide, dishwashing liquid and baking soda. This works by temporarily masking the smell, but in my experience it doesn’t remove the smell fully which is what you want to do so your pet doesn’t use that same spot again. Home remedies made up in a spray bottle don’t necessarily have a long shelf life so if you are a busy person and want something on hand immediately then keeping a bottle of pet urine neutralizer on hand may suit your life-style better.

The more dramatic and rather costly alternative is to rip-up the carpet!

No matter how well house-trained your pets are accidents can happen. An ageing pet, a cat with an urinary tract infection (UTI) or an excitable dog that “leaks” when you return home from work – they are all good reasons to invest in a bottle of pet urine neutralizer and have it at hand to deal with these little accidents as soon as possible.

Benefits of Mrs Gleam’s pet urine neutralizer

  • Breaks down the proteins in urine.
  • Equally as effective on dried soiled areas – simply spray offending area and leave for a few minutes.
  • Eliminates odours.
  • Leaves citrus aroma, which can deter cats from using same area.
  • Completely safe around your pets.
  • Kills germs
  • Convenient 750ml spray bottle.

While it can be upsetting having to go about neutralizing the smell of dog urine it is important to consider why your pet may have chosen to go to the toilet indoors and not let you know they need to be let out. Any changes to the colour of the urine should also alert you to booking an appointment with your vet to rule out a UTI or other illness.

How to get rid of cat urine smell with cat urine neutralizer

Cat pee anywhere in the house outside of the litter box will leave a pungent ammonia-like smell – particularly if it is not cleaned-up immediately. The bacterium in the urine starts to decompose the longer the urine is left to dry – whether it be on a wooden floor, walls, carpet, upholstery or soft furnishings. Older cats have the worst smelling urine due to their kidneys beginning to lose effective functioning. It is important to clean-up cat pee as soon as possible and spray the area with a cat urine neutralizer  to stop your cat repeatedly urinating in the same spot.

Cats use their urine to mark their territory so the smell needs to be strong and concentrated to ‘stick’ around for longer. A Tom Cat, as many of us will be able to testify has the most stinkiest pee of all!

Why does cat urine smell so pungent?

Cat urine is more concentrated than that of dog or other domestic animal and so has a stronger more pungent smell. The other reason it smells so bad is that it often goes undetected. Due to the size of cats, it is easy for them to sneak behind furniture or in corner and urinate so it is often only when dry that the smell alerts us to the incident.

Cat urine is a concentrate of metabolic waste comprised of urea, creatine, uric acid, various detoxified substances, sodium chloride and other electrolytes. Your cat metabolism breaks down the protein in their food to produce the by-products known as urea, which is then excreted by the kidneys into urine. Urea converts into ammonia – giving off that recognisable pungent aroma! So to permanently remove the smell the area affected must be sprayed with a product which will break-down the protein.  Many cat owners try home-made remedies for cat urine neutralizers. While a combination of vinegar and baking soda is likely to remove stains from furniture, walls and floors it will only temporarily mask the smell.

A cat urine neutralizer product makes use of a specific enzymatic reaction resulting in the hydrolysis of urea. Enzymes are proteins that speed up chemical reactions. The enzymes break up the urea into carbon dioxide and ammonia, which are gases that evaporate quickly. 

Cat sitting on a sofa. Cat urine neutralizer is needed should the cat pee on the sofa.

If your cat isn’t using the litter box, it may be that your cat is telling you something.  The advise is that if your cat becomes a more regular offender, that you visit the vet for a check-up to rule out any medical problem and for advice on how to get your cat to use his or her litter box – there is only so many times you can spray cat urine neutralizer before you start getting very stressed cleaning up after them.

Reasons for a cat urinating outside of their litter box could be anyone of these reasons:

  • litter tray has been used too many times without being cleaned out and now your cat is protesting!
  • your cat isn’t feeling well
  • stress or anxiety – which could be caused by situations such as young children tormenting your cat, neighbours dog being a bully, surrounded by too many other pets or unpleasant surroundings.
  • behavioural issues
  • new home – this could bring on anxiety or cats have a propensity to mark their territory outside the litter box.

Try not to create anxiety by punishing your cat for urinating in the house rather than in their litter tray . Unlike dogs they won’t understand the punishment and you could make the issue worse.

Your home need not have to smell like it belongs to cats, instead invest in a cat urine neutraliser that will break down the proteins in urine, eliminate odours and leave a citrus aroma, which can deter cats from using the same area – try Mrs Gleam’s Pet Urine Neutralizer 

How shocked are you at the sight of black bathroom mould?

Bathroom mould is not a sign of poor cleaning habits. Black bathroom mould is usually the result of high levels of moisture combined with poor ventilation. It thrives in these damp humid conditions and will continue to do so for as long as these ingredients are present.

Before dealing with mould removal, you should really try to stop future growth first. 

Bathroom mould is likely to be found under the sink, around the door to your shower cubicle and fixtures, on the window frames – moisture is attracted to the window because it is the coldest surface

Steps to take to prevent mould

Black bathroom mould on the ceiling

Black mould on the bathroom ceiling

  • open the window after bathing or showering – even just leaving them open for 15 minutes per day can make a difference to moisture levels
  • drop the temperature of the water when taking a shower or bath to minimise the amount of steam
  • use a dehumidifier
  • after taking a shower use a scraper to wipe the water of the glass and tiles of your shower cubicle to reduce the amount of moisture released into the air
  • stop dripping taps by closing them properly or replacing the washers to prevent constant dripping
  • turn-on the extractor fan when cooking, keep lids on pots to prevent excessive amounts of steam and close the kitchen door to stop steam being drawn towards colder rooms in the house
  • hang washing outdoors  to dry whenever possible. If you have to dry them indoors use a dehumidifier to extract as much moisture from the air as possible. Having the heating on will also help reduce moisture content.
  • invest in a humidity meter to monitor levels and try to keep them below 50%
  • making sure your home is well insulated

Getting rid of bathroom mould Mrs Gleam's instant mould remover

Clean all infected areas by spraying on an instant mould remover. It is important to kill the mould before spores are released into the air and start infecting other areas of your home.

Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover quickly eliminates mould, algae and mildew. Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms including walls, tiles and UPVC.

How to use instant mould remover

This product does contain bleach so be careful around fabrics. Spot test on surfaces before use. Spray on to the affected area and leave to work – within 10 minutes black bathroom mould is eliminated. Wipe and rinse thoroughly.

How you get 100 washes from a laundry detergent and fabric conditioner

Are you putting the correct dose of washing powder into your washing machine? Does washing powder start to coagulate in the dispensing draw of your washing machine? Could the solution be a liquid laundry detergent that dispenses in the exact doses and gives you 100 washes for just £10.99. That is £0.11 per wash. Added to that a bottle of fabric conditioner which also dispenses an exact amount and retails at £8.99 per bottle or £0.09 per wash. At 20p you get a fresh smelling basket of clean laundry that is as kind to your whites as to dark colours.

Laundry detergent from Mrs Gleam is eco-friendly.

Mrs Gleam’s laundry detergent and fabric conditioner come in a special dosing bottle to guarantee the exact amount is dispensed per wash to get exactly 100 washes from a 1 litre bottle.


Features of bottle that dispenses laundry detergent and conditioner

  • automatically levels the liquid in the dosing chamber to the correct measured amount
  • user friendly, works from every position (no orientation needed)
  • overdosing or over-pouring is impossible
  • no more ‘old-fashioned’ squeezing; required volume is dosed automatically independent from the user

Laundry detergent being dispensed from a unique dosing bottle.

Mrs. Gleam helps rid your clothes of bacteria and achieve a fresh smell by using a powerful formula that contains no bleach or peroxide. This easy to use ergonomically designed bottle accurately measures the exact amount of laundry detergent needed to leave your clothes clean and fresh.  The detergent is kind on whites and is anti-bacterial on clothes and in your washing machine, even at low temperatures. Mrs Gleam’s ultra concentrate fabric conditioner leaves a fresh scent of summer flowers to your laundry.

Visit Mrs Gleam’s website to order your bottle of laundry detergent and fabric conditioner.

Mrs Gleams cleaning products excite shoppers in Dubai

Mrs Gleams product range has just been launched in the Middle East. Mrs Gleam’s pet care range, house cleaning products and Little Darlings child care range have all been stocked onto the shelves at the Ace Hardware store in Dubai, a major shopping retailer. While unpacking stock and placing them on the shelves, ten customers came and bought 10 bottles of Mrs Gleam before we had even finished setting the stand up ready for our official promotion.

Mrs Gleams products will also now be sold directly to 6 star hotels in Dubai such as the Al Qasr. So far they have ordered the Instant Mould Remover and the All Purpose Descaler as well as the Little Darlings range for their Kids Clubs

Mrs Gleam is launching on Middle East TV on the Monday 12th June 2017.

The Little Darlings range of sanitisers have been placed alongside the baby car seats. The Little Darlings range comprise of three specially formulated products that give parMrs Gleams cleaning products, pet care and child care range displayed on the shelves at ACE Hardware store, Dubaients peace of mind when either home or out and about. The pack contains a car seat and buggy cleaner, highchair cleaner and potty spray – each bottle is 100ml. All three products will kill 99.999% of germs within 30 seconds which is currently the quickest acting kill time in the market place. The convenient bottles size make it perfect for use in nappy bags. They are all safe around children and on the skin. Eco-friendly so clearly a must for every household to keep surfaces germ free and clean!

About some of Mrs Gleam’s product range

  • Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover – contains all the ingredients needed to quickly eliminate mould, algae and mildew. Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms including on walls, tiles and UPVC. Comes in a convenient 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray. Contains bleach so be careful around fabrics. Spot test on surfaces before use. Spray on to the affected area and leave to work. Wipe and rinse thoroughly.
  • All purpose descaler (750ml) – ideal for removing limescale from a range of surfaces around the kitchen and bathroom. A build-up of limescale can affect the efficiency of an appliance.
  • Bathroom cleaner – offers powerful, safe cleaning killing 99.999% of germs without using harmful chemicals. The complete bathroom cleaner descales, sanitises and deodorises in one spray, whilst the ”soil-guard” ingredient gives a resistance to watermarks and scum after use. Spray on the parma-violet fragranced foam, which will cling onto any surface, leave for 5 minutes to kill 99.9% of germs and wipe away heavy grime with a clean cloth.
  • Carpet and upholstery stain remover – Simply spray on then blot your stains away. You’ll be amazed how easily even the toughest stains vanish. Extremely powerful carpet cleaner solution and stain remover free of bleach or peroxide, safe on skin and is eco friendly.
  • Laundry stain remover – tested on a variety of stubborn stains such as cooking oil, make-up and mud. This pre-laundry treatment is mild enough to use without protective gloves. Bleach and peroxide free, it removes heavy food and grease stains from almost all clothes and fabrics whilst protecting colours. For the best results, launder the garment before the pre-spot remover is left to dry.
  • Laundry detergent – cleans and helps rid your clothes of bacteria while also achieving a fresh smell using a powerful formula that contains no bleach or peroxide. Easy to use ergonomically designed bottle accurately measures the exact amount of laundry detergent needed to leave your clothes clean and fresh. 100 applications/washes in one dosing bottle
  • Non-toxic oven cleaner – fume-free and efficiently cleans burnt on food and grease. Just spray on, leave over night and then wipe off. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes without using harsh chemicals so there is no risk to damaging your oven surfaces. This oven cleaner contains an enzyme that works to dislodge the grease and fat from oven surfaces. This eco-friendly product offers safe non-toxic cleaning, fume-free, safe on skin, removes heavy grease.

Lifestyle Blogger puts cleaning products to the test

What this reviewer had to say about Mrs Gleam’s house cleaning products

We have been putting Mrs Gleam’s eco-friendly cleaning products to the test.  The products have the power to kill germs ten times quicker than the market leader Dettol whilst remaining non caustic, safe on all surfaces, easy to use and eco-friendly.  What’s not to like?

We all know that it is difficult to keep on top of a clean home when you have little ones seeking to destroy at every opportunity but lets face it, cleaning and tidying is the never ending story of parenting.

Mrs-Gleam's range of house cleaning products put to the test by this Lifestyle Blogger

The Mrs Gleam’s range of house cleaning products appealed to me because it is safe on skin (my skin is very sensitive) and around the family.  Strong chemical smells around the house are a big no for me, and so I love that these products either smell sweet and fresh or have no odour at all.

I was sent the following products to try, so, let’s put them to the test…

  • Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover
  • Bathroom Cleaner 4 in 1
  • Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Laundry Spot Stain Remover (yet to try)
  • Little Darlings ‘On-The-Go’ Pack

You can read the full article here –  The Love of a Captain – Reviews Mrs Gleam’s Cleaning Products

Me, him, the dog and a baby!

Mrs Gleam ‘Little Darlings’ cleaning products

I won’t say I was ever lazy when it came to cleaning but I was certainly a bit more relaxed about it then I am now. With an 11 month old and a dog who might as well have made my carpet, I clean a lot more than I used to.

Mrs Gleam pride themselves on having cleaning products that are ‘ safe around the family, safe on skin, safe on all surfaces, easy to use and eco-friendly’. When I heard about their Little Darlings range I needed to know more! I hadn’t ever heard of a cleaning range designed specifically for children’s items.


The Little Darlings range consists of a highchair cleaner, potty cleaner and car seat and buggy


Not Just Another Mum – Bathroom Cleaner Review

Mrs Gleam Bathroom Cleaner Review

The bathroom cleaner that does more than just leave your surfaces sparkling. This bathroom cleaner is extremely powerful yet perfectly safe to clean your bathroom areas. This cleaning spray kills 99.999% of germs without using harmful chemicals leaving a protective film to help surfaces stay cleaner for longer.

Bathroom cleaner by Mrs Gleam's

You know those people whose houses are all shiny and lovely? The lovely bloggers homes without a thing out of place. Well that’s not us I’m afraid. I hate cleaning (unless I’m angry then I find it quite calming) and one of the reasons for that – other than laziness – is that I have the skin of a baby. It hates to be touched by a lot of things and cracks and gets rashes 🙁



Lakeland Launches Mrs Gleam


There has been no appearance on Dragons Den, there has been no Kickstarter fund, just a vision by a housewife from Norfolk to establish a safe and effective cleaning range.

With 60 stores nationwide and over one million loyal catalogue customers Lakeland (the home of creative kitchenware) will be the first national chain to stock the new cleaning range Mrs Gleam, the product range created by a mother of four children.

Mrs Gleam’s ethos of Safe on Skin, Safe around children & pets and Safe on all surfaces produces an extremely effective eco-friendly cleaning range that passed numerous stringent tests before the national chain decided to list the product.

The creator of Mrs Gleam Helen Kirkham commented “we are extremely proud that Lakeland will be listing our product from this year. When we (GreanBase) first embarked on this project we believed that there was a market for conscientious people who wanted a sparkling home without having to use any harsh chemicals, Lakeland is a great match for Mrs Gleam.”

The first Mrs Gleam product to hit the Lakeland shelves in February will be Mrs Gleams Laundry Spot Cleaner, a product that removes stains from make-up to chili-oil whilst containing no bleach or peroxide and will not whiten a persons finger tips (see images attached.)

“Mrs Gleam aims to be a nationally recognised brand in which mums can buy a product knowing it’ll do an amazing job but is safe to use anywhere” stated Helen. The range currently has 10 products with a further 5 planned for release in April 2015 with the holding company GreanBase currently in talks with other national distributors at present.

Can Mrs Gleam rival our household brand names? Can one person make a difference and how effective are Mrs Gleams products?

Well take a look at her carpet cleaner video in action and watch fake tan just disappear.