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On our radar: Mrs Gleam’s new nostalgic cleaning range

The Good Housekeeping Institute puts a brand new eco-friendly cleaning range to the test.

On our radar: Mrs Gleam's new nostalgic cleaning range
The retro-style packaging on Mrs Gleam‘s new products grabbed our attention straight away. The labels reminded us of the sort of ads that use to run in GH in the ’50s. We love the story behind Mrs Gleam. The eco-friendly range was developed by Helen Kirkham, mum of four from Norfolk, who was tired of the amount of dangerous-to-handle chemicals in her cleaning products. All her cleansers are child and pet friendly and as well as being safe on the skin. We all agreed the products look great, but do they work? We put them to the test in the GHI kitchens. The Air and Fabric Freshener (£3.99) has a sweet cranberry scent that lasts; when sprayed on a coat, the smell was still noticable the following day. The Kitchen Cleaner (£3.99) worked well on wood and ceramic surfaces. However the spray from the bottle wasn’t easy to disperse, so needed to be well wiped with a cloth.
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