How to keep your bathroom looking clean and hygienic

House cleaning can bring with it many trials and tribulations particularly for those who work and don’t have the luxury of a cleaning service. We are one such household but have found ways of dealing with chores with less stress freeing-up more time to do the things we love. The greatest step to a clean home has been minimising clutter and putting things away after use. This applies to bathrooms too. Dumping clothes next to the laundry basket and not hanging up wet towels can leave a bathroom looking grubby.This has taken a conscious effort to get right – especially on those days when feeling tired and rushed. In this article we share a few steps to a clean bathroom with minimal effort. Bathrooms are generally the most used rooms in the house and the least favourite to clean. Investing in the right cleaning products will also help keep your bathroom sparkling.

Remove limescale using an all purpose descaler

Reduce limescale build-up around taps, shower head and your shower cubicle by wiping down the tiles and glass immediately after use. This takes no more than a minute to do. It reduces water marks on the glass and leaves less water to calcify and form limescale. I hard water areas there is still a high chance of limescale build-up. This can be dealt with by spraying on Mrs Gleam’s descaler. Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium salts. A build-up of limescale doesn’t look very appealing. Limescale is found in places where hot water has evaporated and solidified. The deposits are difficult to remove by scrubbing alone. Mrs Gleam’s all purpose descaler dissolves calcium carbonate within minutes after spraying the affected area. Bathroom caddy stores shampoo, conditioner, soaps and cosmetics

Keep your bathroom free of clutter

Having to lift bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, hand soap and tubes of tooth paste etc from the floor of the shower or around the hand basin makes bathroom cleaning even more labour intensive. Invest in a caddy or basket big enough to store all the products you need close to the wash basin. For the shower cubicle use a hanging caddy that can easily be hooked over the screen of the glass screen or door. Not only does this help speed up cleaning time but a neat and tidy bathroom always looks cleaner for a lot longer. Bathroom cleaning products from Mrs Gleams

Reduce moisture build-up

Extractor fans are effective at removing steam and moisture levels in the room following a hot bath or shower. Opening a window will also circulate air flow through the room to reduce moisture levels. However, there is still a chance of mould growing on the grouting between tiles or anywhere where moisture gets trapped. Keeping the bathroom free of clutter, replacing carpets with tiled flooring and keeping a window open all help to reduce moisture build-up. The first signs of mould need to dealt with so ugly black areas don’t tarnish an otherwise clean bathroom.

Neutralise bathroom odours

When there isn’t time to clean toilets then a daily dose of a toilet cleaner just before heading off to work in the morning will neutralise odours and keep your toilets looking clean. Mrs Gleam’s toilet cleaner is specially formulated to neutralise odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria without containing harsh acids or alkali and is fully biodegradable. Without bleach or acid, Mrs Gleam’s toilet cleaner will leave your toilet fresh and clean with a long lasting apple scent.  
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