Lakeland Launches Mrs Gleam


There has been no appearance on Dragons Den, there has been no Kickstarter fund, just a vision by a housewife from Norfolk to establish a safe and effective cleaning range.

With 60 stores nationwide and over one million loyal catalogue customers Lakeland (the home of creative kitchenware) will be the first national chain to stock the new cleaning range Mrs Gleam, the product range created by a mother of four children.

Mrs Gleam’s ethos of Safe on Skin, Safe around children & pets and Safe on all surfaces produces an extremely effective eco-friendly cleaning range that passed numerous stringent tests before the national chain decided to list the product.

The creator of Mrs Gleam Helen Kirkham commented “we are extremely proud that Lakeland will be listing our product from this year. When we (GreanBase) first embarked on this project we believed that there was a market for conscientious people who wanted a sparkling home without having to use any harsh chemicals, Lakeland is a great match for Mrs Gleam.”

The first Mrs Gleam product to hit the Lakeland shelves in February will be Mrs Gleams Laundry Spot Cleaner, a product that removes stains from make-up to chili-oil whilst containing no bleach or peroxide and will not whiten a persons finger tips (see images attached.)

“Mrs Gleam aims to be a nationally recognised brand in which mums can buy a product knowing it’ll do an amazing job but is safe to use anywhere” stated Helen. The range currently has 10 products with a further 5 planned for release in April 2015 with the holding company GreanBase currently in talks with other national distributors at present.

Can Mrs Gleam rival our household brand names? Can one person make a difference and how effective are Mrs Gleams products?

Well take a look at her carpet cleaner video in action and watch fake tan just disappear.



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