Housewife Hits the High Street, Mrs Gleam Sales Soar

Invented by a housewife Mrs Gleam and endorsed by Good Housekeeping (“Brilliant Results“) is proud to announce sales of over 35,000 units in only the last 10 weeks.


Mrs Gleam's range of cleaning products

  • 35,000 units sold in just 10 weeks
  • Good Housekeeping Institute state “Brilliant Results”
  • Sales now pushing into Europe

Now sold via Lakeland, the Co-op and the home shopping channel QVC Mrs Gleam has now received over whelming public support and feedback for its unique stain removers and oven cleaning kits.

Mrs Gleam has grown from an idea within the kitchen to becoming a regular demonstration feature on home shopping channel QVC as well on the shelves at local Co-op / Lakeland / TK Maxx stores.

Commenting on the Mrs Gleam Range Helen Kirkham stated “I cannot believe that a small company can get such an over whelming response from the public in such a competitive environment. We believe in the strength of our products but we thought it would take years to build up our positive reputation rather than things moving so quickly. Our ethos of – Safe and Effective – is paramount to our entire range as if gives our customers security in the fact that we do not use harsh chemicals but still get brilliant results.

Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's

“Backed by former Dragons Den pitchers GreanBase Ltd Mrs Gleam’s sales figures are showing constant momentum as sales are now pushing into Europe, especially within France and Sweden asking the question of “where next” for Mrs Gleam.

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