Mrs Gleams cleaning products excite shoppers in Dubai

Mrs Gleams product range has just been launched in the Middle East. Mrs Gleam’s pet care range, house cleaning products and Little Darlings child care range have all been stocked onto the shelves at the Ace Hardware store in Dubai, a major shopping retailer. While unpacking stock and placing them on the shelves, ten customers came and bought 10 bottles of Mrs Gleam before we had even finished setting the stand up ready for our official promotion.
Mrs Gleams products will also now be sold directly to 6 star hotels in Dubai such as the Al Qasr. So far they have ordered the Instant Mould Remover and the All Purpose Descaler as well as the Little Darlings range for their Kids Clubs
Mrs Gleam is launching on Middle East TV on the Monday 12th June 2017. The Little Darlings range of sanitisers have been placed alongside the baby car seats. The Little Darlings range comprise of three specially formulated products that give parMrs Gleams cleaning products, pet care and child care range displayed on the shelves at ACE Hardware store, Dubaients peace of mind when either home or out and about. The pack contains a car seat and buggy cleaner, highchair cleaner and potty spray – each bottle is 100ml. All three products will kill 99.999% of germs within 30 seconds which is currently the quickest acting kill time in the market place. The convenient bottles size make it perfect for use in nappy bags. They are all safe around children and on the skin. Eco-friendly so clearly a must for every household to keep surfaces germ free and clean!

About some of Mrs Gleam’s product range

  • Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover – contains all the ingredients needed to quickly eliminate mould, algae and mildew. Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms including on walls, tiles and UPVC. Comes in a convenient 750ml bottle with adjustable trigger spray. Contains bleach so be careful around fabrics. Spot test on surfaces before use. Spray on to the affected area and leave to work. Wipe and rinse thoroughly.
  • All purpose descaler (750ml) – ideal for removing limescale from a range of surfaces around the kitchen and bathroom. A build-up of limescale can affect the efficiency of an appliance.
  • Bathroom cleaner – offers powerful, safe cleaning killing 99.999% of germs without using harmful chemicals. The complete bathroom cleaner descales, sanitises and deodorises in one spray, whilst the ”soil-guard” ingredient gives a resistance to watermarks and scum after use. Spray on the parma-violet fragranced foam, which will cling onto any surface, leave for 5 minutes to kill 99.9% of germs and wipe away heavy grime with a clean cloth.
  • Carpet and upholstery stain remover – Simply spray on then blot your stains away. You’ll be amazed how easily even the toughest stains vanish. Extremely powerful carpet cleaner solution and stain remover free of bleach or peroxide, safe on skin and is eco friendly.
  • Laundry stain remover – tested on a variety of stubborn stains such as cooking oil, make-up and mud. This pre-laundry treatment is mild enough to use without protective gloves. Bleach and peroxide free, it removes heavy food and grease stains from almost all clothes and fabrics whilst protecting colours. For the best results, launder the garment before the pre-spot remover is left to dry.
  • Laundry detergent – cleans and helps rid your clothes of bacteria while also achieving a fresh smell using a powerful formula that contains no bleach or peroxide. Easy to use ergonomically designed bottle accurately measures the exact amount of laundry detergent needed to leave your clothes clean and fresh. 100 applications/washes in one dosing bottle
  • Non-toxic oven cleaner – fume-free and efficiently cleans burnt on food and grease. Just spray on, leave over night and then wipe off. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes without using harsh chemicals so there is no risk to damaging your oven surfaces. This oven cleaner contains an enzyme that works to dislodge the grease and fat from oven surfaces. This eco-friendly product offers safe non-toxic cleaning, fume-free, safe on skin, removes heavy grease.
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