Another great review for Mrs Gleam from The New House Family

A welcome review written in a blog by one of our happy customers about her experience with Mrs Gleam’s carpet stain remover.Mrs Gleam's Carpet Stain Remover and Upholstery Cleaner Review Article

“A few weeks ago I popped along to the Bedfordshire Baby & Toddler Show and met a superb couple of ladies, who promised me easy cleaning. HA! What’s that?!

I was given a demo and naturally I was sceptical. I always have been of so-called ‘miracle products’. Miracle face cream, miracle foods, miracle cleaning products. But, I was proven wrong. I watched a product actually work. It didn’t have a hefty price-tag so I treated myself.”

“I was actually impressed. So impressed in fact that I came home, put it straight to the test, watched it work, told all of Facebook about it, called my Mother-In-Law, told her about it… and then sat and wrote this.”

Watch the video to see how Mrs Gleam carpet stain remover gets to work to restore a carpet back to it’s former glory.

Read the full review article on The New House Family website – Keep it Clean Mrs Gleam

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