Review for the Little Darlings range by Mums-Space


“Mrs Gleam has recently released a Little Darlings range which includes a potty spray, a car seat and buggy cleaner and a highchair cleaner, all of which are safe around children, safe on skin and eco friendly, so I was super happy about that, and even more so that all three products within 30 seconds will kill 99,999% of germs!”

“The Potty spray has been fantastic as we are currently going through potty training with Isla, so I give the potty a spray after every use just to keep the germs at bay, and because I know it is safe around children I don’t mind using it sparingly either, it is handy for on the go as well, the bottle is small enough to put in my nappy bag to use when we are out. The potty spray is apple scented which is nice so it doesn’t seem to burn your nose like other antibacterial sprays. ”


“I love cleaning (weird I know) but the feeling when its all clean just makes me happy and feel better and now I can clean my children’s most used items safely and soon my whole home with the rest of the Mrs Gleam products! ”

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