How shocked are you at the sight of black bathroom mould?

Bathroom mould is not a sign of poor cleaning habits. Black bathroom mould is usually the result of high levels of moisture combined with poor ventilation. It thrives in these damp humid conditions and will continue to do so for as long as these ingredients are present.

Before dealing with mould removal, you should really try to stop future growth first. 

Bathroom mould is likely to be found under the sink, around the door to your shower cubicle and fixtures, on the window frames – moisture is attracted to the window because it is the coldest surface

Steps to take to prevent mould

Black bathroom mould on the ceiling

Black mould on the bathroom ceiling

  • open the window after bathing or showering – even just leaving them open for 15 minutes per day can make a difference to moisture levels
  • drop the temperature of the water when taking a shower or bath to minimise the amount of steam
  • use a dehumidifier
  • after taking a shower use a scraper to wipe the water of the glass and tiles of your shower cubicle to reduce the amount of moisture released into the air
  • stop dripping taps by closing them properly or replacing the washers to prevent constant dripping
  • turn-on the extractor fan when cooking, keep lids on pots to prevent excessive amounts of steam and close the kitchen door to stop steam being drawn towards colder rooms in the house
  • hang washing outdoors  to dry whenever possible. If you have to dry them indoors use a dehumidifier to extract as much moisture from the air as possible. Having the heating on will also help reduce moisture content.
  • invest in a humidity meter to monitor levels and try to keep them below 50%
  • making sure your home is well insulated

Getting rid of bathroom mould Mrs Gleam's instant mould remover

Clean all infected areas by spraying on an instant mould remover. It is important to kill the mould before spores are released into the air and start infecting other areas of your home.

Mrs Gleam’s instant mould remover quickly eliminates mould, algae and mildew. Ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms including walls, tiles and UPVC.

How to use instant mould remover

This product does contain bleach so be careful around fabrics. Spot test on surfaces before use. Spray on to the affected area and leave to work – within 10 minutes black bathroom mould is eliminated. Wipe and rinse thoroughly.

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