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Fabric Conditioner (100 Washes)

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  •  Eco-friendly
  • Great on whites
  • Long lasting freshness

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Product Description

Mrs Gleam’s ultra concentrate fabric conditioner with a fresh scent of summer flowers.  This easy to use 1 Litre bottle accurately measures the exact amount of fabric conditioner to keep your laundry soft and fresh.

How to use: Ensure the lid is firmly in place. Turn the bottle upside down to fill the small chamber with fabric conditioner. Return the bottle to the upright position and remove the lid. Pour the contents from the small chamber into your washing machine draw. Follow your normal washing machine wash cycle. 100 applications in one dosing bottle. Fabric conditioner that is free of harsh chemicals and includes only ingredients that are far kinder to the skin than traditional brands while softening your clothes to make ironing a breeze. Ingredients: <10% Cationic Sulfactants (surface active substance), < 5% Isopropanol, < 5% Non Ionic Sulfactants, < 0.1% Citric Acid, Parfam, Colour. About the ingredients: Surfactants are compounds that make up a detergent. They are added to fabric detergents and softeners to remove dirt from clothes and textiles.  They function by breaking down the interface between water and oils and/or dirt holding oils and dirt in suspension, thereby allowing their removal. Surfactants act in this way because they contain both a hydrophilic (water loving) group and a hydrophobic (water hating) group. Cationic Sulfactants are used as fabric softeners with nonionic surfactants, helping them to break down the interface between the dirt/stain and the water. Sulfactants are biodegradable. Used at such low concentrations as with Mrs Gleam’s fabric softener, there is less risk of them rubbing off from fabric onto the skin and causing rashes or other skin reactions. When it comes to skin irritations the three ingredients to avoid in laundry detergents include sodium lauryl sulfate, fragrances, and coconut diethanolamide. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a chemical known to affect the skin’s oil layer. Coconut diethanolamide works similarly to sodium lauryl sulfate, causing dryness of the skin and skin reactions in those with allergies.
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    Economical fabric conditioner. Love the fact it measures exact amount needed. Our washing machine just seems so much cleaner since using Mrs Gleams washing liquid and conditioner and the smell is so fresh. Towels also feel softer which is quite something given how hard our water is. Will definitely use again. At first I was apprehensive because the amount needed seemed too little to do the job properly.

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