Mrs Gleam pet stain remover

Pet Stain Remover & Germ Killer

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  • For all those little ‘accidents’ your pets may have indoors.
  • Fast anti-germ action.
  • Completely safe around your pets.
  • Contains no harmful chemicals.

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Product Description

Mrs Gleam’s Pet Stain Remover and Germ Killer (750ml) is formulated to safely clean away pet accidents. Designed to be effectively used on floors, pet toys, food bowls, pet bedding and fabric areas where your pet may soil. Contains no harmful chemicals. It is a pet friendly product and perfectly safe to use when those accidents happen. • Kills 99.999% germs in 30 seconds • 750ml spray bottle • Fast acting powerful pet stain remover • Contains no bleach or ammonia • Safe on all fabrics including wool • Safe around children and pets • Safe on skin • Eco Friendly
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    Having two dogs, you need something to clean up when the unexpected happens. I’ve used the stain remover on a patch of carpet where one of the dogs had been sick. I’d cleaned up the mess but the stain remained. When I used the stain remover it disappeared after one go – amazing!

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