Oven cleaner and oven rack cleaner plus rack bag kit
Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's

Oven Rack Cleaner Kit

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The only non caustic bag cleaning solution, will transform your dirty racks and grills to leave your racks gleaming clean. Safe to handle cleaning solution will not burn skin.

  • Non caustic
  • 3 applications per bottle
  • Safe on all surfaces
  • Eco friendly

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Product Description

This oven rack cleaner kit id non-caustic. A fantastic oven cleaning trio from Mrs Gleam including a formula, nozzle spray head and bag to help remove grease and grime from all of your oven surfaces. Simply attach the spray head, apply the solution, soak all removable parts in the bag, and voila!
Contains: 2 x non-caustic oven cleaner (1L) 1 x nozzle spray head 1 x oven bag, size = 70cm x 50cm (27.5′ x 20′) Top tips: Apply the oven cleaner when the oven is warm, not hot. For best results, soak the oven racks in the bag overnight.
A customer review submitted on o3/04/2017: “I don’t think i’ve cleaned the oven in 2 years, it’s just something that I really don’t want to do as the chore is terrible and the after effects of an oven with caustic chemicals stay with me when I’m eating for months.
Anyway, thank you for this product, it really did do the job. I left this on over night and wiped clean the next day. I knew it would be a trade off with a little more elbow grease but I’m happy with that as I don’t have the fear of burning myself or something around me. I even spilt a little bit on the counter top but it didn’t matter as it doesn’t mark. My grills came up Gleaming too. Will most certainly buy again. 
Watch the following video for direction on how to use the oven cleaner and oven rack cleaner to ensure you achieve optimal results restoring your oven to it’s former glory >>

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