Mrs Gleam's Toilet Cleaner free of harsh chemicals with an apple fragrance

Toilet Cleaner

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Hygiene first and last! Powerful toilet cleaning solution kills 99.999% of all germs without bleach or acid, leaving your toilet fresh and clean with a long lasting apple scent.

  • Kills 99.999% of all germs
  • Safe on skin / acid free
  • Fresh apple scents
  • Eco friendly

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Product Description

Mrs Gleam’s Toilet Cleaner is specially formulated to neutralise odours and kills 99.9% of bacteria without containing harsh acids or alkali and is fully biodegradable. Without bleach or acid, Mrs Gleam’s Toilet Cleaner will leave your toilet fresh and clean with a long lasting apple scent.
Safe on skin, Kills all germs, Cleans & freshens, Safe cleaning, Great value 1L bottle.
How to Use : Apply to the toilet bowl neat as supplied. Simply direct the nozzle under the rim and squeeze the bottle. Squirt on evenly around the toilet bowl. Leave for five minutes to penetrate any soiling and kill off germs. For stubborn stains scrub using toilet brush. Rinse by flushing the toilet.
Ingredients: Aqua, Anionic Surfactants LT 5%, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose LT 1%, Also contains Parfum, Colour and Benzalkonium Chloride LT 0.1%.   Please follow and like us on Mrs Gleam’s Facebook page for her latest news, views and cleaning tips.

1 Litre

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