Lifestyle Blogger puts cleaning products to the test

What this reviewer had to say about Mrs Gleam’s house cleaning products

We have been putting Mrs Gleam’s eco-friendly cleaning products to the test.  The products have the power to kill germs ten times quicker than the market leader Dettol whilst remaining non caustic, safe on all surfaces, easy to use and eco-friendly.  What’s not to like?

We all know that it is difficult to keep on top of a clean home when you have little ones seeking to destroy at every opportunity but lets face it, cleaning and tidying is the never ending story of parenting.

Mrs-Gleam's range of house cleaning products put to the test by this Lifestyle Blogger

The Mrs Gleam’s range of house cleaning products appealed to me because it is safe on skin (my skin is very sensitive) and around the family.  Strong chemical smells around the house are a big no for me, and so I love that these products either smell sweet and fresh or have no odour at all.

I was sent the following products to try, so, let’s put them to the test…

  • Carpet & Upholstery Stain Remover
  • Bathroom Cleaner 4 in 1
  • Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Laundry Spot Stain Remover (yet to try)
  • Little Darlings ‘On-The-Go’ Pack

You can read the full article here –  The Love of a Captain – Reviews Mrs Gleam’s Cleaning Products

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