This is why you need to clean your oven

Uncovered roast duck may leave greasy splatters which will need cleaning. Use an oven cleaner free of noxious smells An oven is one of the most used appliances in any home. Investing in time to keep your oven clean is a choice and not a necessity. Many common brands of oven cleaner give-off a noxious smell which can put people off regular cleaning. Caked on burnt food spillages, oil splatters and general grime won’t affect accurate cooking but it can change the aroma of food. Ovens need regularly cleaning to avoid contamination of more delicately flavoured foods by carbon-based smoke circulating inside the oven. But is a dirty oven a safety risk? In the majority of situations this is not likely to be the case unless there is an unreasonable amount of food build-up in the oven that gets ‘cooked’ each-time the appliance is switched on. Smoke pouring out your oven when you open is a sign that you need to role-up your selves and getting scrubbing! A smokey oven will start to fill your home with a very unpleasant smell much like that of oil being repeatedly hated for cooking purposes. Today may ovens are self-cleaning but that does include the oven racks which will need to be removed and cleaned separately.

Oven cleaner and steps to reduce food spillages

  • Wipe spillages with a wet cloth as soon as safely and reasonably possible
  • Cover food to reduce food bubbling over
  • Line your oven trays with tinfoil or an oven liner sheet
  • Avoid using an oven cleaner that emits a noxious smell
  • For self-cleaning ovens invest in an oven rack cleaning kit that includes the oven bags into which you can place the racks and cleaning solution
  • Remember to also pay attention to your extractor fan and changing the filters
I am yet to meet someone who enjoys oven cleaning. But, if you enjoy cooking and the fine taste of good cuisine then you need to routinely clean your cooker. Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner is non-toxic, fume-free and efficiently cleans burnt on food. It is a product that Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's has made the job more bearable. Just spray on, leave over night and then wipe the grease and grime off your oven surfaces. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes without using harsh chemicals so there is no risk to damaging your oven surfaces.

How does Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner get the job done?

It contains an enzyme that works to dislodge the grease and fat from oven surfaces. This eco-friendly product offers safe non-toxic cleaning, fume-free, safe on skin, removes heavy grease.
This is what a few happy customers have had to say about Mrs Gleam’s oven rack cleaning kit –  I suffer with COPD and therefore anything that has a pungent odour is dangerous for me to use. Cleaning the oven has been a nightmare for me not only is the cleaning product pungent but also leaves fumes when the oven is used after the clean. No more!! I received my oven cleaning kit yesterday and have cleaned my oven overnight – no problem!! Disgusting dirty greasy oven now gleaming and no odour whatsoever. One tip do use a green washing up pad as cloths do not work as well. No pressure needed but the slight abrasiveness with no pressure needed brings everything off.” 04/06/2017
 I was doubtful about this – but have used other products in this range & loved them so thought I would try it. I heated the oven to warm sprayed all the inside then tried the shelves in the bag – I made sure they were well coated as per instructions. Left overnight and this morning wiped out the oven – perfect! Next onto the shelves – mine had baked on old stuff so needed to use some elbow grease and a scourer & got a great result!! I am happy to swap a bit of elbow grease to avoid the awful smells and dangerous chemicals of other brands – I am delighted with this product and will now repeat more frequently so can use less elbow grease – haha ” 27/02/2017
 I don’t understand the reviews with low stars. I have three ovens, and this has cleaned them all with good results. My ovens can get quiet dirty because they are used a lot. I must admit, l have left the cleaner on my ovens for a day and a half , and had to reapply, in small areas. The oven racks came up amazingly, a little effort, but the the results was well worth it. I had no over powering smells in my home, and l have not had to worry about effects on my eyes and skin. ” 23/03/2017
Why you need to clean your oven is about avoiding food becoming contaminated by carbon-based fumes from the burning of spilt food and fat splatters. It is also about avoiding your house smelling of over cooked oil and breathing in the fumes of burnt on food and grime.
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