Why you should use this oven cleaner on your BBQ

A hearty breakfast fry-up on the BBQ or racks of ribs and sausages cooked for a lazy Saturday evening outdoors makes for easy meals. However, cleaning the barbecue a few hours later can take the fun out of the event. Or, in our case, you put off using your barbecue for impromptu meals because the thought of scrubbing and cleaning all that greasy fat off the grills and cook box surfaces afterwards fills you with dread. An unclean barbecue stored away until it is next needed may present a very unpleasant sight of mould build-up making cleaning an even bigger challenge. An outdoor gas grill needs to be cleaned after every use to help maintain it for years to come. A charcoal grill doesn’t have to have the same level of cleanliness however I am sure you and your guests would prefer to cook off a clean grill rather then have ashen food particles from the last meal come in contact with the raw meat you are about to BBQ.Enjoying a meaty bbq - Mrs Gleam's oven cleaner is also the ideal bbq grill cleaner There are a number of BBQ cleaners and cleaning wipes on the market. I have tried the wipes and while they did the job if you clean your grills and surfaces soon after use, they didn’t work as Three piece oven and oven rack cleaner from Mrs Gleam's well on cold, caked on grease and grime. They are also not the most environmentally friendly approach to cleaning!  Hot soapy water is a perfectly valid option too but required a few sponges and changes to the water before I got the expected clean results. Then I discovered Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner and oven rack cleaner. Spray, leave over night and wipe clean! It was honestly that simple.

How to clean your BBQ with oven cleaner

  • After using your barbecue leave it to cool down – just enough so that it won’t scold to the touch
  • Use a steel brush to scrap off ashen food particles and grease
  • Spray Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner to the cooker box.
  • Remove grill – place on a sheet of tin foil and spray on the oven cleaner or use the oven rack cleaner bags (depending on the size grill – the bags are 70cm x 50cm (27.5′ x 20′)).
  • If you use the bags be careful when placing the grill into the bag so as not to damage the bag
  • Pour the oven rack cleaner into the bag and leave over night
  • Remove and wipe clean with paper towel and a wet cloth
  • Concerned about rust during winter storage? – wipe your clean barbecue with peanut oil.
For the cooker box I sprayed on the over cleaner and left it to get to work for an hour and then wiped clean. There was no scrubbing and scraping involved. Mrs Gleam’s oven cleaner is non-abrasive so there was no damage to the surfaces. Having tried other cleaners and hot soapy water, Mrs Gleam’s has taken the misery out of cleaning our barbecue. So happy with the results and now we are using our bbq more often even during the chillier autumn months.  
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